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I am a 17 year old jewish girl growing up in a small town and this blog is my adventure to becoming frum. This blog will include the recipes that carry me along this journey, advice on modest clothing, and a section of where I eat kosher as I travel the world.

Hope you enjoy :)

Kosher Food

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Modest Dress

Tsnius for beginners

Kosher Around The World

Next Trip ~ San Jose, California

Kosher Crew

Miriam Leah

I am the founder of the blog and am on a journey to becoming frum that is taking me around the world. I am shomer shabbos as of 9 Tevet. I live in Vacaville a small jewish community with only 2 active teens in the community. As I travel the world I hope to inspire you and bring you on my journey. Next stop crown heights!

Avrum Yussel

I am on my way to converting to Judaism, my dad is jewish but not my mother therefore as of 1 Shevat I am shomer shabbos and keeping kosher.

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